Sunday, 4 July 2010

i LOVE I Love West Leeds!

Today was the I Love West Leeds Festival, and it was great! I got a shed to set up in, and I'd made loads of underwater decorations (fish, crabs, turtles, shells, seahorses, stingrays and seagulls) so it looked good.

Even with it being ridiculously windy, and a little bit rainy, I still had a really good turnout and made loads of penguins (I'd planned to make fish, but after the first couple of people struggled, I switched to penguins). There were a few people who knew origami and it was nice to share stories with them, and it was brilliant to see kids make the crappest bit of paperfolding you've ever seen, but be SO thrilled with it! I've never really taught kids before, so I was pleased that they got on so well (and that I handled them well without them nicking my stuff or making them cry!).

Unfortunately because I was on my own and pretty busy, I didn't get a chance to look at all the other fab stuff that was going on, and there was LOADS, but there's a report on Guardian Leeds with lots of pictures. I Love West Leeds has events going on until the end of the month, so if you can, get along to one and say hi!

Here's a lot of pictures of my shed:

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