Friday, 14 May 2010

Two hundred!

Last night, I folded my two hundredth (is that even a word?) crane for my project.

This currently puts me at having to fold 7.33 a day to make my target (I'm hoping to have them all done by September, so I have wriggle room and time to wire them all up). However, I'm hoping to get a bit ahead then I'm not obsessively folding all the time like a crazy person. Plus, I'm going to stop folding other stuff, because that's a bit silly really when I've so much to do, even though I really love sonobe units.

It's funny, but when I hit 100, it still felt like there was a really long way to go, but all of a sudden, getting to 200 feels like a real achievement and 800 seems totally doable. Ask me again nearer the time and I'll probably growl at you whilst my hands make foldy gestures because they've taken the paper away from me in case I hurt myself...but for now, it's totally doable.


  1. Visited from Gerry's blog & thought I would just say my youngest starterd folding cranes after reading the book 1,000 cranes. I don't know how many she managed but she was folding lots of them really small; they were about the size of a thumnail. I was impressed. I will be interested to see your finished result.

  2. 200 is definitely a significant chunk of the way there. And you have months to go, so it's all good :D

    What's a sonobe unit...?

  3. rachel, your tree is made out of sonobe units!

  4. Found your blog through a link and a link on another blog. Congrats on getting the 200 done! I just folded 1,000 cranes for my wedding so I know how you feel! It feels better after each 100.

  5. thanks Miss Hatchling and Ganeida - I think I'd forgotten how much effort went into my last 1000 and I thought this would be easy. Comments like yours make me remember I can do it!