Monday, 22 March 2010

And they're off!

I've sent in my submission.

There were five main parts - firstly the idea itself, then four seperate sections for the four aspects they're looking for. These were:

Site specific was it designed with a specific space in Leeds in mind?
Durational i.e. will it last all night and will visitors get the same experience whenever they turn up?
Immersive can visitors get involved in the work? The organisers don't really like stage/audience stuff, but obviously this is more relevant to dramatic stuff than things like mine
New Work because they don't want people bringing old stuff that they trot out at every opportunity (my words, not theirs)

I wrote it all out last week. I really struggled with putting what my project actually was into the required 150 words (first you send in the brief form, then if they like that, you're invited to present your idea). I finally came up with it, then saved it and left it for the weekend. Then I read it again, and got a couple of other people to read it. Then I thought I should just stop faffing about and send the damn thing in.

So here it is, in all its glory, so you can read it for yourselves (after all, so long as I impress the organisers enough to let me put it on, it'll be you I have to impress enough to come and see it):

    Your idea for Light Night.
    Summary of idea

    LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL– an installation.

    There is a Japanese legend stating that whoever folds one thousand origami cranes will be granted their heart’s desire.

    Down in the tunnels under the Town Hall, it is hard to believe that dreams could ever come true.

    On Light Night, one thousand illuminated origami cranes will “fly” through the Bridewell tunnels under the Town Hall, transforming a space traditionally associated with anxiety and imprisonment to a peaceful haven which allows the visitor to contemplate their own hopes and dreams.

    After spending time amongst the cranes, the visitor can take an origami sailboat, which they can decorate to reflect their experience of the installation, and as a representation of their hopes. These can then be left in the tunnels or at another Light Night event for a stranger to discover and ponder, or taken home as a memory of the event.

    Site Specific

    The Bridewell tunnels under the Town Hall, usually barred to the public, evoke trepidation and a sense of trespassing. Famously used for imprisonment and punishment, with rumours of hauntings, they have instilled fear and despair for over 100 years. Created specifically for this space, the installation brings light and hope, transforming an oppressive environment to an illuminated space of serenity and wonderment.


    The installation is continuous after set-up, allowing visitors to stay for as long or short a time as they wish, whenever they wish. There are no maximum number of viewers at any one time (health and safety notwithstanding), and more sailboats can be quickly made on the night if visitor numbers demand it, meaning that every visitor will be afforded the opportunity of the same experience.


    Visitors can walk amongst the suspended paper models, viewing from different angles and interacting with other visitors. Additionally, the sailboat models allow visitors to interact with the event, contributing their own interpretation or alternatively allowing them to take away a material memory.

    New Work

    I am not a professional artist, and have created the installation specifically to be involved in Light Night. It draws on my experience and viewpoint of what makes Light Night special, and so is a completely new work specific to Light Night, from a completely new artist, specific to Light Night!

    What do you think? Do you think I pitched it right? What do you think I could improve or expand on if I get picked to go forward to the presentation round? What would make you want to come and see my project?

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    1. Looks good :D I'll be so gutted if they don't give you the slot!