Tuesday, 9 March 2010

A meeting of minds

I've just got back from the Initial Planning Meeting for Light Night Leeds.

It was a bit unnerving, as there were around 40 people there, and most people seemed to have been involved with Light Night before, and a lot of people knew each other; so me on my own with my light up crane prototype (in my bag) felt a bit odd. The Arts and Regeneration Team (who organise the whole thing) went through a lot of stuff, mostly administrative stuff - such as how to apply and what Light Night is all about - and talked about previous years.

The main thing was that in order to control the size (to make sure that people can see as much as possible) and quality of Light Night, they're limiting the funded events to 30, and the overall events to a maximum of 90. Realistically I need funding to pay for materials, so I really need one of those 30 spots.

I still have a couple of questions, mainly about the venue arrangements, so I'm going to investigate those - the team were really open and kept saying we should ring or email if we're unsure on anything, and I've been in email contact with one guy in the team already, so I'm going to get those sorted, then I have to get the forms filled in to apply!

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