Thursday, 8 April 2010

How do you solve a problem like...

It's April! That means bunnies, april showers and...the Light Night submission deadline.

My submission has been in for a while, so I don't need to worry about that, but it's getting close to the deadline, which obviously then means close to them making a decision about it. As they can't comment until after the deadline, I've no idea what the outcome might be, so at the moment, it's quite nervewracking.

The other thing is that if my submission is successful (fingers crossed please!), I'll be invited to present my idea; and that's nervewracking too. In fact, trying to figure out how to encapsulate the idea easily is becoming a real problem.

I'm worried about standing up in front of artists - proper, doing-it-for-real, wasn't-kicked-out-of-art-class-like-I-was artists - and trying to explain how the whole thing will look and what it's all about; and because i can't draw I can't really make mockups, so all I can really do is take Blue Canary 2 (it's original Blue Canary, but he has a new battery) and say, imagine it's dark, and there's 1000 of these, woo won't it look great?" and hope they get it. If they don't, I could be in trouble. Everyone I've explained it to, really explained it to, has got it, and loved it, but it sometimes takes a while to explain, with people asking questions and such, so how do i condense that into a short one-sided presentation?

So how do you solve a problem like this? Any ideas?


  1. Not been kicked out of art class and call themselves artists? Shame on them!
    Can you request a darkened room?

  2. a darkened room? with padded walls?

    ha ha, actually, that's a good idea. i remember trying to describe it to someone, and it wasn't until i pulled out Blue Canary that they thought it was fab. I'll have to enquire...