Monday, 22 February 2010

From a tiny acorn...

So I had the seed of an idea, but how would I make it special enough for Light Night? 1000 cranes, though impressive, is barely an installation.

First I thought about stringing them up in trees individually, so it looked like a flock of paper birds had landed in Leeds. Unfortunately, paper birds outdoors in October is pretty much guaranteeing that you'll end up with wet paper falling on people's heads. The idea of having paper birds overhead like a flock appealed to me though, so I thought about having a ceiling festooned with them, rather than the traditional strings. Plus, it would look more exciting.

I like what the senbazuru stands for, and I liked the idea of people walking amongst a symbol of peace and hope. I decided that the cranes should be white, to make it appear more peaceful. If only I could get them to glow with a "holy light"...

I really should stop thinking. It only leads to trouble.

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